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Students who are interested in sports along with studies and want to advance in their sports career. The Academy offers its full-time students a complete educational path focusing on athletic development, academic study, and training based on world-class technical excellence. Students can continue playing their favorite sport and grow as an athlete while completing their studies by registering for the Olympic Dream India Sports Academy. Our Sports Academy is a talent development system designed to help you become the best athlete in your chosen sport


Schools who want to reach the next level in the game of their students. We know that these students will decide the future of Indian sports going forward. That's why we want to give equal opportunity to all. Our spacious playgrounds and fully equipped onsite facilities provide the perfect venue for athlete development. The new sports hall and changing facilities are first class with a state-of-the-art health and fitness suites with special areas for strength and conditioning for all our academy athletes. Our programs represent excellent value for money. Instructors provide excellent sports programs.


The coach who wants to share his talent with others and take India's sport to the highest level. Our goal is to empower you with the skills and confidence to independently live the dream you have for yourself. The Olympic Dream India Sports Academy is a friendly campus, which provides an atmosphere of encouragement, safety, and fun to the coaches. Here you will be provided with resources, support, and opportunities to teach an athlete in new ways that will have a personalized experience for you.


At the Olympic Dream India Sports Academy, all types of clubs can participate in the sport and each can participate at the level that suits their ability. We offer a wide range of indoor sports including Swimming, Rifle Shooting, Volleyball, Basketball, Tennis, Martial Arts, Football, Skating, Athletics, Yoga, Badminton, Cricket, and Table Tennis as well. We would like to share our mission of opening our doors to clubs, individual athletes, and fitness enthusiasts and inspiring others to conquer themselves.