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What We Do

The Olympic Dream India Sports Academy is a full-circle facility designed to update the human performance approach of men, women, youth, and students, by creating a multi-platform environment that enables human beings to unlock their full potential, Educate, and enable. provide opportunities. We provide effective, safe, and transparent human performance training to develop athletes to the peak of their potential. The Academy employs a variety of specialists to support youth, amateur, and elite athletes with a full-cycle approach that includes body, performance, and cognitive training.

There are many reasons to join Olympic Dream India Sports Academy Academies:

  • 6-10 hours of professional coaching each week
  • Academy Clothing Package
  • Post match analysis
  • Coaching/substituting qualifications in your sport
  • Paths to progress to elite teams in your chosen sport
  • Opportunity to compete against people of your age at the local, regional and national level
  • Free travel for training and matches
  • Representing in tournament competitions as well as in internal competitions.

Olympic Dream India Sports Academy's Aim

  • Identifying New Talent Producing players of State, National and International levels.
  • One of Manav Rachna's prime goals is to see players progress through our ranks to play for the country.
  • Providing the best training from experienced coaches and inculcating the value of sportsmanship in an athlete.
  • Integrating sports psychology into the training and competition of individual players and teams
  • To provide leadership and healthy role models
  • To provide health and nutrition guidelines
  • For personality development
  • To promote and accelerate the development of sports in India