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Olympic Dream India Sports Academy

Olympic Dream India Sports Academy is an all-purpose organization to empower the next generation of leaders through sports, education, and professional training. Our programs are designed to address essential pillars of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals within the communities we serve, helping to promote peace, prosperity, and equality through athletics.

We are committed to helping talented girls and boys in sports develop their skills, earn internationally recognized academic degrees and leverage their athletic and academic abilities to enter colleges globally.

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We nurture the leadership potential of the students through opportunities. This essential quality also helps students to improve skills such as communication, decision making, initiative and responsibility among others.

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Our Mission

We align education and sport to encourage independent thinking, collaboration and communication, and instill the values of perseverance, commitment and patience in our student-athletes to help them realize their potential.

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What you get

Olympic Dream India Sports Academy is always on the lookout for the hidden talents, identifies them and provides them training irrespective of age. Potentially talented players are enrolled in free training programs launched by our academy where great opportunities

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Our Sports Events

The Olympic Dream India Sports Academyand Program provides a platform for the children to develop and adopt the sport at an early age to make them strong and confident. All their classes are unique and help increase stamina and strength. Olympic Dream India Sports Academy is an institute dedicated to produce highly professional individuals in the field of sports management. With a focused objective of producing professionally, academically and ethically strong sports managers and executives, Olympic Dream India Sports Academy contributes to this growing niche in India.

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Sriram Singh

John Doe

Lima Ram

Josh Clark

Rupender Singh

My child is doing swimming training at Olympic Dream India Sports Academy. I am very impressed with how quickly he is learning swimming. When he came to this academy initially he was very scared but now he enjoys a lot. your way of training is awesome

Manish Ray

Thank you for all your help with my son, he really enjoys working with you. Not only do you help her with her "technical skills," but it's also boosted her confidence in a more productive space. He feels confident with the ball and is back to his old ways of loving the game. Thanks again to not only working with my son, but to all the kids.

Raghav Chandra

I truly believe that your program is a valuable source of linking basketball, community, and kindness. You make a difference to many young people.

Kartik Sharma

As a family, our interactions with the Olympic Dream India Sports Academy program have been very positive. We have been so impressed by the time and effort all the facilitators have put into planning and developing the activities, both on and off the ice. Every effort has been made to create an event that not only focuses on core values but is also fun for the athletes.

Vishwajit Rana

The Olympic Dream India Sports Academy program has been a real confidence booster for our son Jaden. Football is a passion for him and it is wonderful to see this program really develop. He has some excellent instruction, exercises, and gameplay as well as a trip to the Phoenix that has created memories he'll never forget.

Sharfuddin Mohammed

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