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Benefits of Students Registration

You can continue playing the sports you love and developing as an athlete while completing your studies by registering for Olympic Dream India Sports Academy. Our Sports Academy is a talent development system designed to help you become the best athlete you can be in your chosen sport.

We appreciate that your studies are important to you which could be the main reason why you have chosen to attend the Olympic Dream India Sports Academy. We also believe that it is also necessary to take time out from our books to relax and stay healthy in body and mind, and what better way to do this than by indulging in social games?

Benefits from Olympic Dream India Sports Academy

  • Most effective, efficient return on training and effort.
  • Training is specifically tailored to their goals, body, and schedule.
  • Work towards meaningful milestones.
  • Achieve peak performance and results.
  • Train with experts.
  • Alerts on legislative initiatives with national implications that may affect their areas of practice as it pertains to education-based adapted sports.
  • Invitation to participate with other professionals in discussions or surveys designed to capture and publish best practices and ideas around equipment design and cost, programmatic needs, administrative policy, and advocacy.
  • Access to administrative forms and documents, including sample and customizable liability releases, registration packets, medical evaluations (for physicians), score sheets, incident reports, game score sheets, and team rosters.
  • Opportunities to indulge in bulk purchase savings.
  • Identification and recruitment of athletes.
  • Funding Model in Interscholastic Adapted Sports.
  • Leave no one behind: Working in your community to create opportunities and partner with others.
  • Open Forum: A Q&A session where members discuss issues affecting their program efforts and suggest future topics or ongoing topics.