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BENEFITS OF Club Registration

At the Olympic Dream India Sports Academy, all types of clubs can participate in the sport and each can participate at the level that suits their ability. We offer a wide range of indoor sports including Swimming, Rifle Shooting, Volleyball, Basketball, Tennis, Martial Arts, Football, Skating, Athletics, Yoga, Badminton, Cricket, and Table Tennis as well.

We would like to share our mission of opening our doors to clubs, individual athletes, and fitness enthusiasts and inspiring others to conquer themselves. With our flagship facilities and high-end equipment, we can cater to a range of sports and meet your every need, whether it's a conditioning, skills training, or looking for a place to compete outright.

Benefits For Club Registration:

  • Corruption-free and fair selection.
  • Separate coaching facility for week students.
  • Senior coach facility for Gold, Silver, and Bronze medal holders.
  • Simple procedure for admission or selection of teams.
  • Separate coaching and support for deserving students.
  • Learn to face and overcome challenges
  • Build a foundation for lifelong health

We will Develop Our Athletes

  • Self-confidence and a greater willingness to take risks
  • Growth in interpersonal skills and communication
  • Perseverance and resilience
  • Leadership skills
  • The connection between academic and sports achievement
  • The ability to be grounded and balanced young sportswomen